A Genteel Southern Lady

Louise Upchurch

Louise Upchurch could have been described as "the epitome of a genteel Southern lady," according to her nephew, Tony. Although she and her husband had no children, Louise had three nieces and four nephews who lived near her in North Carolina. Family was a very important part of Louise's life. After her husband passed, Louise lived in the same condominium complex as her younger sister, Frances. They were very close. At the end of Louise's life, Frances, who is 86, made sure her sister was comfortable.

Tony remembers Louise being concerned throughout her life about good nutrition. She would cook wonderful meals for family and friends. She was an active lady who enjoyed traveling and gardening. She also worked outside the home, when many women chose to stay at home. Her career as a secretary lasted 48 years.

Even during the worst times, Tony remembers Louise enjoying life. She was diagnosed at various times with pancreatits, breast cancer and a form of cancer that affected her eye, but she survived them all. Tony knew his Aunt Louise desired to contribute to an organization working to prevent cancer. Sadly, Louise passed away recently. Through her will, she left a bequest to the American Institute for Cancer Research.

AICR would like to honor Louise Upchurch for her spirit of generosity and her intention to help others whose lives are affected by cancer. Tony said, "My aunt was not interested in the limelight, but this article is a fitting tribute to her dedication to the community." Thank you, Tony, for sharing Louise's wonderful story with us.